Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back In Port Townsend

Merry Christmas
This will be the first Christmas we've spent in our house in ten years! Tamara was left for the winter in Cordova, Alaska and we returned to Port Townsend the first of October. Slowly we have been making the adjustment to living in a house again.

The priority was the much needed TLC to the house and yard from the years of neglect. At first glance the overall conditions looked good, but on further inspection it was discovered that the roof needed to be replaced. Ouch! The up side is that time on a boat has taught us to live very “small”. We have become very aware of our power and water consumption and have now minimized our usage on land. One of the first things Mark did was change out all the light bulbs to CFLs. Everything that can be is recycled.

Our current plan is to spend winters in Port Townsend reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, and becoming a part of the local community. Summers will be spent on board Tamara in Alaska. There is much high latitude cruising left to be done and Alaska and the Western Arctic offer the sort of challenges that appeal to us. We are also working hard producing our slide and media presentation of the last several years of our cruise.

Wishing you the Best for the Holidays,

Mark and Nancy



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